The  Marksmen Organization was established in 1989 as a self-supporting, Massachusetts non-stock, not for profit corporation.

There are no membership fees. The organization provides the uniforms, instruction, and musical equipment to members. Participants are required to purchase black marching shoes, which are ordered by the organization. Good attendance at rehearsals and performances, and coming to these events on time and prepared, is each member’s responsibility.

The Marksmen Organization sponsors a parade and concert program – The Marksmen Drum and Bugle Corps, and a competitive program – The Marksmen Mini Corps. All members belong to the parade and concert program.  Participation in the competitive program is voluntary. Members are encouraged to participate in both programs.

The Marksmen rehearse most Tuesday evenings at 7:00 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Council #69 on 460 Granby Road in Chicopee, MA 01020. Lessons are available for new members. This provides an orientation to the instrumentation or equipment, the rehearsal etiquette, and our overall technique. It is our goal to help every new member feel comfortable and welcome.

The Marksmen Drum and Bugle corps

The Marksmen Drum and Bugle Corps is the flagship program of the Marksmen Organization. The Corps is comprised of four sections: a traditional color guard, a performance guard spinning flags and rifles, a brass section including soprano, mid-range, baritone and bass voices, and a full marching percussion. The group represents pride, showmanship, and discipline with a commitment to the pageantry arts.

The Corps’ repertoire consists of Broadway show tunes, a bit of jazz and blues, some music from south of the border, popular selections like Sweet Caroline and California Dreaming, a unique and beautiful arrangement of our signature song, I Believe, the five armed services songs, and patriotic marches.

The Marksmen Drum and Bugle Corps performs 10 to 12 parades and concerts throughout New England between the months of March and November to a collective audience of 600,000. The mission of the Corps is to present to our audiences an exciting and energetic musical and visual show. 

 Marksmen Scholarship Program

The Marksmen annually award scholarship(s) to members pursuing higher education. Scholarship amounts are announced in January and awarded in May each year. Eligibility to apply is based on attendance at rehearsals and performances. Scholarship awards are based on members’ essays and their overall contribution to the Marksmen Organization.  

Applications are evaluated by the Scholarship Committee and winners recommended to the Board of Directors. 

The Marksmen Mini Corps

The Marksmen Mini Corps membership is made up of participants from The Marksmen Drum and Bugle Corps.  This is a voluntary program. However, all members are encouraged to participate.

The mini corps competes regionally in the Bugler’s Hall of Fame circuit, and appears in three to five competitions each year between February and April. The mini corps performance venue is an inside stage, and consists of a 10 minute musical and visual production. The activity encourages creativity, innovation, and artistry. 

Shows have included music from Henry V in 2011, Jesus Christ Superstar in 2012, and Superstar Re-Mix in 2013, which includes some selections from JCS along with original pieces.

 The goals of this program are:

  • Encourage our members to achieve a higher level of excellence by continuously improving their musical and performance skills;
  • Design a program which will be evaluated by the judging community as musically and visually pleasing and challenging;
  • Perform an entertaining show for audiences.

The Marksmen Mini Corps holds consecutive BHOF North American Championship titles in 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016!

Please take a moment and enjoy the video of the 2013 and 2014 Championship performances below!

2014 North American Championship
2013 North American Championship

Accepting New Members!

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